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Welcome to online store of silicone sex dolls DollSex.ru – Silicone Dolls for all.

The shop sex of dolls of dollsex.ru offers the huge choice, high quality, reasonable prices, fast delivery across Russia.

Delivery of sex dolls is carried out to all regions of Russia: Khabarovsk Krai, Primorsky Krai, Amur region, Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, Sakhalin region, Kamchatka Krai, all other regions of the Russian Federation.

We wish you pleasant purchases and Welcome to our Shop sex of dolls.

Several words about the range.
First of all, our shop sex of dolls seeks to satisfy demand of clients in silicone dolls, other sex toys and sex entertainments play minor (but not less important) a role.

The silicone doll is made of high-quality eco leather of the Japanese production. On feelings such material is indistinguishable from really human skin, at the same time material does not cause an allergy, is steady against damages and is light in questions of leaving. Bodies and persons are executed professionally are pleasing not only to the eye, but also a body.

Sex throughout all human existence is one of basic needs of the person. Presently the developed technologies, promptly flying by working everyday life and limitation of free time the Silicone doll from DollSex.ru shop will become the best friend for a short or long time. It will become fine first experience for timid young men, will allow to keep families for the mature men and women spending a long time in business trips and, of course, will become a trouble-free consolation for skilled elderly people. Silicone dolls absolutely normal and main lawful the phenomena for “non-standard” sexual desires. You can choose that to liking and to do you everything that you will wish. Your property – your business, you are an owner, nobody to you not the judge. In our century Silicone sex dolls it is reaching the new level of understanding of the sex relations. It is useful and irreplaceable.

Why choose Dollsex.ru.
Our shop adheres to the following principles of work which give us advantage before similar offers:

Qualitative face proportions and bodies of a sex doll – the main criterion when choosing our clients.
Fast delivery. We guarantee receiving goods by the client in the stipulated terms (individually for each client).
We work with the reliable and checked suppliers having long-term experience of production of the sex dolls presented in our online store.
Protection of personal information. We observe the law on personal data of our clients. Also we guarantee you confidentiality of your parcel. Departure is carried out in the gofrokorobakh without identification marks. You have nothing to worry.