How to look after silicone sex doll.

How to look after silicone sex doll
In our shop all dolls are made of silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE, TPE)

Thermoplastic elastomer
– one of the best materials for creation of full-life-size puppets for sex of joys, it is close on feelings to genuine leather – soft gentle, at the same time very wearproof and is subject to restoration. TPE maintains temperature differences as process of production assumes heating of material to very high temperature. If your product became soiled it is required to wash only it soap water not higher than 30 degrees.
Pluses: Unsurpassed plus of this material is its unique invoice reminding touch to the real human skin.

Minuses: Material rather well absorbs in this connection can absorb traces from berries, wine and other “harmful” products the containing dyes of different types. Considering this fact, the clothes for a doll should be chosen attentively, and it is worth playing “damp” games carefully as the clothes can fade and leave marks on your doll though it will affect its functionality a little. Material of production has a small specific smell – to wash a product enough.
Material wearproof, but at a certain share of efforts it is possible to damage purchase. If it nevertheless happened, glue for thermoplastic elastomer will be an exit.

– absolutely harmless, not allergenic 100% medical material. Does not possess a smell, does not emit toxins. Very hygienic at the same time smooth and silky and as well as TPE reminds skin of the person. Does not get out of a shape at impact of heavy weight on it. If at unsuccessful storage material is deformed, it is enough to put of it on a soft blanket and to wait – will be got into condition. Material is simply not capable to spoil to you feelings the structure.
Pluses: silicone cannot be subjected to coloring, it is possible to be amused “damp games”. Quickly gets body temperature – uchilivy feelings of possession of a real body. Hygienic also does not absorb either a smell or microbes due to the structure. In comparison with elastomer it is stronger and reliable.

Minuses: It is possible to allocate with the only minus increase the cost of such products in comparison with products from TPE. Though in this sphere cost is not so important so far as concerns long-playing toys. It is also subject to influence of the kolyushche-cutting objects.