Of what material do sex dolls

What do do sex dolls of?
What is TPE?
Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are raw materials. They can be processed on all types of machines for plastic processing. Do not demand curing, along with possession of the same durability, as well as the vulcanized rubber, and provide to the user the low density, wide strength, resistance to the external environment and to temperature influences, utilization with repeated processing, low steady deformation and a possibility of coloring.

TPE represent the materials received from soft and rigid phases. The soft phase gives to material the elasticity similar to rubber, plasticity and resistance to cold weather conditions, the rigid phase provides durability to high temperatures, on an equal basis with thermoplastic materials, resistance and pliability to processing. Proceeding the published structure, TPE have elasticity, plasticity and resistance to weather conditions on the rayena with rubber and also resistance to temperature influence and properties of workability at the level of thermoplastic materials.

The majority of the models presented on our website (about 95%) are equipped with a metal skeleton that allows to give to your doll various poses.