Annie 118 sm


Tiny sex doll Annie is a sex doll with a small children’s breast. The doll reminds the girl of the teenager and will become simply irreplaceable for those who do not want to break the law. All of us know what punishment is established for possession of such baby. However, it is a doll, and by a doll it is possible to possess and do that you will wish, without violating the law and without inhibiting the animal desire.

Packing dimensions: 123*43*34sm
Material: TPE metal skeleton
Functional openings: Vagina, Roth, Anus
Vagina, Roth, Anus depth: 16sm/15sm/10sm
Growth: 118 cm
Weight: 16 kg
Breast: 69 cm
Waist: 48 cm
Hips: 68 cm

The doll is not afraid of moisture, however, avoid hit of caustic substances on sex a doll. Sharp objects are pernicious for material – steer clear of them. Follow advice concerning use the doll served with guarantee 5 years and more. Learn more about material in appropriate section

Additional information

Цвет глаз

Синие, Черные, Зеленые, Коричневые



Съемная вагина

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