Mandy 125 sm


To buy sex a doll in New York. Mandy – this tiny sex doll pleased not one owner. Her eager look (for a basic complete set) excites unimaginably strong desire. It was never so simple to buy sex a doll with delivery across America so simply. Attentively look in her eyes – it to be pleasant to you? So for what you wait? Take away now!

The certified quality of our sex dolls is confirmed by many dozens of clients. Mandy became No. 1 among silicone pass sex of dolls.

You can also choose other head for the doll and order any shape of a breast. Your preferences will not affect purchase cost. Welcome to doll paradise

Packing dimensions: 123*43*34sm
Material: TPE metal skeleton
Functional openings: Vagina, Roth, Anus
Vagina, Roth, Anus depth: 16sm/15sm/10sm
Growth: 125 cm
Weight: 17 kg
Breast: 63 cm
Waist: 39 cm
Hips: 63 cm

The doll is not afraid of moisture, however, avoid hit of caustic substances on sex a doll. Sharp objects are pernicious for material – steer clear of them. Follow advice concerning use the doll served with guarantee 5 years and more. Learn more about material in appropriate section

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Цвет глаз

Синие, Черные, Зеленые, Коричневые



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